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SOS! San Francisco's neighborhoods and unhoused neighbors are experiencing an encampment and shelter/housing shortage crisis.

Join the growing coalition of current and former encampment residents, community leaders, organizations, neighbors, and local businesses who are advocating for SAFE ORGANIZED SPACES on public/private land as alternatives to sidewalk encampments. 

SAFE ORGANIZED SPACES are sanctioned, supported transitional communities with crucial services like safety, sanitation, garbage pickup, community guidelines and transitional support that work in partnership with encampment residents, neighbors and City services.


Let your elected officials know you agree with this statement:

"As alternatives to encampments, I want safe organized spaces that clean up our sidewalks and support transition from street to affordable housing."


Want to do more?

Help us identify vacant properties as potential sites for S.O.S.

Do you pass an empty lot on your commute? Do you see underutilized space in your neighborhood? Lets transform these empty spaces into opportunities for sustainable living communities for our city's most vulnerable. Click the button above to support us in this crucial way.

Support our work for the long-haul.

SFHC has been hard at work for two years organizing with encampment residents, City services, impacted neighborhoods, and community leaders to develop and pilot humane and cost-effective strategies that address our multi-faceted encampment and shelter/housing shortage crisis. Help us reach our goal of raising $65,000 to continue building, piloting, and organizing for SOS. 

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Sos working group campaign and documents

  • SOS Site Selection and Components V.2 (Working Draft) (link)
  • 9/21 Working Group Notes (link)
  • 10/5 Working Group Notes (link)
  • 10/17 Working Group Notes (link)


  • Sanctioned Encampments for the Homeless (link)

MODELS OF Safe organized spaces


  • Low Income Housing Institute (link)
  • LIHI's Tiny Houses Program (link)
  • Seattle Ordinance on Encampment Villages (link
  • Seattle Permitted Encampment Evaluation, June 2017 (link)


  • The Village program design (link
  • The Village: Searching for the Promiseland (link

San francisco

  • Navigation Centers
  • SFHC: License Agreement for Transitional Village Pilot (Impact Hub) (link
  • SFHC: Transitional Sleep & Storage Mobile Shelter Agreement (Non-fixed locations) (link)

more info coming soon . . .