SFHC's Safe Park Program for Transitional RV Shelters

Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge is seeking a parking space on church/private property in SF to pilot our first “Safe Park” hosting program with an attractive 5x8x10' transitional sleep & storage RV shelter. Our transitional sleep & storage RV shelters were built locally by Moksha Woodwork Designs with participation from encampment residents and have been piloted in SF encampments since November 2016. Help us identify potential hosts!

As the nonprofit administrator of the Safe Park pilot program, SFHC will provide:

  • Resident screening
  • Site-specific lease, guidelines & agreements, additional insurance of up to $2 million 
  • Attractive 5x8x10' Transitional Certified RV Shelter (exceeds National Fire Protection Association standards)
  • Locking portapotty with attractive cover and bi-weekly servicing
  • Ongoing resident/host/community-integration support
  • See attached documents and flyer for more info

Additional program details:

  • Guest residents will be accountable for scheduled check-ins and 10 hours of neighborhood-beneficial service each week. 
  • Site host may terminate the program at any time during the pilot with 48-hour notice.  
  • Safe park programs are currently being piloted throughout California via existing or new local ordinances. San Francisco’s Planning Code and Police Code do not currently prohibit or regulate Safe Park programs on privately-owned property.
  • SFHC will have a demo unit of our transitional sleep & storage RV shelter available to showcase by mid-May 2017. Contact us if you have a site where we can (1) Pilot the Safe Park Program (2) Showcase/Park our demo shelter for outreach.