The City of San Francisco, including the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, does not yet have local policy for sanctioned transitional villages, although Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge has been putting in the work with encampment residents, activists, volunteers, and policy makers to get us closer. 

But what do we do in the meantime, because RIGHT NOW WE ARE IN A CRISIS and human beings in SF are living with rats trying to crawl into their tents, human beings are having their belongings stolen from their tents if they are left unattended, and human beings are forced to wait for hours to use a bathroom during the night or have to use the street or a container. So what do we do? We work together with people who live in and near encampments and do what's possible to provide necessary resources in support of livability, health and safety, co-create reasonable good neighbor agreements, and co-create reasonable systems for accountability that set everyone up for success.

Are you interested in learning more about strategies to work with encampment residents to support health and safety standards and transition? We are looking for volunteers to come out and support our organizing efforts with a particular Mission Bay encampment (details provided via e-mail) to be part of ongoing work at this site. If interested, please send an e-mail with the title "Mission Bay Encampment" to info *at*

And please consider helping us reaching our goal of $1K a month in reoccurring monthly donations